Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fit Mama Club - Here we go!

It is time to get fit! It is time to get fab! It is time to join the Fit Mama Club! Hi all, many of you know me as joonluv630 and I am a mother to an amazing 16 month old little monster. As much as he brings joy to my life, he's also brought a little extra poundage around my mid-section... okay as well as many other places. And yes I do realize that the extra weight I now carry on my frame isn't just from having a baby, because I always was on the curvy side. It's just gotten wayyy harder to come off. I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy and only lost 20, so now I'm 20 lbs heavier than the pre-pregnancy me (which wasn't so thin to begin with y'all) So I decided that the only way I can get motivated to lose the weight is to start a movement!

So here's what I'm gonna do. Every week I'm going to blog about my weight loss journey, and report back w/ my successes and my notsomuch's. I'm going to do my weigh-ins Sunday morning, and blog about it. On a side note, there's something about starting a healthy eating plan on Sunday that I'm drawn to. Still haven't figured it out yet but it's probably because I have a long history of over-eating on Saturday and feeling the urge to start fresh the next day! (Ya the over-eating has got to stop.)

My healthy eating plan will be a cross between watching my Weight Watchers points, and reducing my carbs. I'll start every post with:

Last Week's Weight Loss
Total Weight Loss
Last Week's High
Last Week's Low
Plan For This Week


Last Week's Weight Loss:
Total Weight Loss: ZERO
Last Week's High: It was my birthday on Tuesday and Anniversary on Thursday!
Last Week's Low: I ate like a maniac due to said special occassions..
Plan For This Week: I will stick to 26 WW points each day with 35 flex points to use throughout the week (or on a designated cheat day). I will drink 4 glasses of water per day, and reduce my carb intake. I will also work out twice this week.

So that's the plan ladies! I'd love some company, so who's in??? Post me on here, or tweet me on twitter (@joonluv630) and I'll send you my amateur banner (be kind!) to put up on each of your posts as well. :) We can tweet our progress using the hashtags: #fitmamaclub or #fmc I'm pumped you guys!! I can feel the pounds melting off already!


  1. Happy birthday and anniversary! I really need to get motivated, too. I didn't gain weight this time around, but what I lost is beginning to creep back up and I wasn't anywhere close to where I needed to be before that!

  2. Thanks Christine! Ya u should totally join me! U can DM me ur email addy on twitter, and I'll email u the banner. All u have to do is post every Sunday w/ the banner on top with your progress, and give and get support throughout the week on twitter using hashtag #fitmamaclub ;)