Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fit Mama Club - Week 3

Okay so last week was a Fit Mama Club fail *insert funny cartoon noise - womp womp womp* Halfway through the week, I let my emotional eating get the best of me, and struggled the rest of the way through. But this week is a new start. A new chance at making a difference in my health and weight. So let's go!

After my update, I'll share this week's Fit Mama Club challenge. If you wanna join up, leave a comment or tweet me @joonluv630.

Last Week's Weight Loss: 0
Total Weight Loss: 2.4
Last Week's High: LiL Monster had a wonderful week at daycare! He's finally starting to get used to it, and actually has fun! He still cries when we drop him off, but from what I hear, he stops as soon as we leave, and he starts playing with the other kids.
Last Week's Low: Still didn't work out last week. What is my malfunction!!
Plan For This Week: I will stick to 26 WW points each day, drink 4 glasses of water per day, work out twice per week, and complete the Fit Mama Challenge!

Fit Mama Challenge: No eating out for one full week. Not only will that help as far as our health goes, but it'll also help our pockets! So c'mon ladies! Time to go grocery shopping! ;)

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