Thursday, December 24, 2009

Time to Nest!

It's Christmas Eve already! I can't believe how fast time is going, I'm 31 weeks now! I'm looking forward to having a low-key evening with my hubby drinking hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music, and spending quality time together. The greatest piece of advice I've gotten so far during this pregnancy is to cherish every quiet moment with my husband. Things will NEVER be the same again once our little guy comes! It's not to say that this is a bad thing, but it'll definitely be different. So tonight's goal is to: CHERISH THE QUIET. We'll try to stay up until midnight and exchange gifts but we tend to turn in by 9:30pm every night. I know, I know.. a bunch of nerds hehe. But he works two jobs (customer service and real estate) and I have been going to school, doing an internship, plus just having my tired pregnancy moments.

I'm happy to say that I am done with school and my internship this semester... woo hoo! I'm now free until the baby comes! Now it's time to do some serious NESTING! We only live in a one bedroom apartment and I would have loved to have a nursery for the baby, but it's too late in the game to let that get me down. We've already cleared out a lot of closet space, as well as drawer space. And my father-in-law already purchased the crib! So he and my hubby will be putting it together in about two weeks. Aww! Father son moment! :)

I've also been going wild with cleaning. I just can't stand to think of the baby crawling around, putting cat fur in his mouth.. yuk! So I'm doing as much as I can to keep the place neat. I'm trying not to overdue it though. Oh, in two weeks we start the Bradley Method birth class! I'm so excited! I can't wait to learn natural labor techniques! And in a couple of weeks I'm going to start packing my hospital bag! I already have the list prepared on my computer, can't wait to actually set it up. What else? ... Oh, the baby shower invitations should be going out next weekend.

The last update is that on Monday, I get another sonogram which is super exciting because I haven't had one since week 20. I can't wait to find out how much he weighs and how cute he looks now! He's definitely a strong little man with all the kicking and punching he's been doing... and at 4am to boot! ouch!

Anyway, that's all for now! I'll write again after the sonogram! xoxoxo

Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting excited, but still have som fears.

I'm now 28 weeks and 3 days, woo hoo! Our little guy will arrive in less than 12 weeks! I can't wait to meet him. Thankfully in 3 weeks I get another sonogram so I'll be able to get another look at his cuteness. :) The hubby and I are thinking about doing the 3D ultrasound, but it'll probably be around 34 weeks so we can get a good picture of how developed he is.

So last week I took the Glucose Screening Test. Basically it's a test that most pregnant women are given now to check for the possibility of Gestational Diabetes. At the OB office you're given a super sweet drink and in an hour your blood is taken to measure whether the sugar is processed properly. Thankfully I passed the test with flying colors, but the sugary drink was gross! blechh! Especially since you have to drink it all down within 5 minutes of taking it!

Besides that, everything is going well. I met with our doula (natural birthing coach) a couple of weeks ago and we went over a lot of great information. She helped us tweek our birth plan and gave some advice on what to expect over the next couple of weeks, during labor, and also during delivery. I got a birth CD with soothing music which I'm listening to already to keep calm and relaxed. During labor I'll be listening to it as well, and the hospital room has a CD player in it so I'll be listening to it at the big moment too! I also purchased a birth ball which is cool. It's this big blue ball that I sit on daily to help with back pains and to start spreading out my pelvis to prepare for birth. You're also supposed to lean over it to start getting baby in a good position for delivery. Some babies are delivered in a "sunnyside up" position where they are facing the ceiling, and this makes delivery harder/more painful and causes tons of bruising on the little one's face! So by leaning over the birth ball, or anything you can (even a table), the baby's back gradually swings forward, which makes his face point in the proper position. Our doula has such a wealth of information. I'm so glad we hired her!

She also suggested using primrose oil to lubricate my "ho hum" starting six weeks prior to my due date to reduce the chance of tearing. I also have to take primrose oil capsules 2x/day for that reason as well. There are a lot of things that I'm trying to get together. I made a list of what to pack for the hospital stay. Creating the list was exciting, but nerve wracking too! It makes things so real! I must admit, I do get a little fearful of how the delivery will go. I'm nervous about the pain mostly. I am really looking forward to a natural birth so hopefully I can handle it.

Next month we're starting our birthing classes. We're taking 6 weeks of the "Bradley Method" course. I'm sure I'll feel more confident about labor and delivery after the class is complete. The Bradley Method is a a birthing method that teaches that we all can have positive, natural births by learning proper relaxation, natural breathing, propery nutrition, exercise, and getting educated about the process. It also focuses on the "husband-coaching" approach so that the husband plays an active and helpful role in the birth process. Studies show that 90% of Bradley Method moms who have vaginal deliveries are able to do so without pain medication. The C-section rate is much lower as well. The C-section rate is 10%, as opposed to the national average of 31%. Those are some great percentages! For more info, click on: Bradley Method

Well, that's all for now! I'll post again in a few weeks with new sonogram pics of our little jellybean!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Time is going by so fast!

Time is going by so fast! I'm already 23 weeks pregnant! (Almost 6 months) The picture above was taken this weekend at a farm in Long Island. I took my husband to pick pumpkins and go through a corn maze for his birthday. It was very fun! And look at my baby bump! I can't believe how round I'm getting! My face is getting kinda plump too lol I'm not too happy about that part but it's all worth it in the end. Only three more months to go before we meet our little prince!

And he's been moving up a storm lately! He even has his own little schedule. He'll move early in the morning, a little around 3pm, then he goes buck wild after 9pm! I read that babies tend to keep the same schedule they have in utero once they are born. If that's the case, we're in for a lot of sleepless nights LOL I guess we should try to get enough ZZzz's as possible now while we can!

Here is an updated pic of the little cutie pie at 20 weeks:

We can't wait to meet you little guy!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's a BOY!!

We found out today that our little gift from God is a healthy little boy! We didn't have any really good "money shots" of the male parts lol So I don't have any pics to show for that, but we did get a good one of the baby's little right hand, and part of his face! We're so excited! I was secretly hoping for a little boy too hehe. Whenever anyone asked, I would always give the politically correct answer "As long as it's healthy, that's all I want." And that is definitely true, but in the back of my head I always thought it would be cool to have a little mama's boy to tote around! My husband is excited also. He had a feeling it was a boy and has been on sports websites to find the perfect baby bibs and onesies with the Dallas Cowboys football team logo on them LOL He even plans on putting a Dallas Cowboys mobile above the crib! What the! We'll have to get two different mobiles, and switch off every so often to be fair.. Sheesh!

And in other news, I've been feeling the baby move and kick! I think at this stage it's called "quickening", but it feels like a spasm that happens in the lower abdomen. It's like if you had an eye twitch, but at random times in the lower belly. It's so cute though! It usually happens after I eat or drink something sweet hehe. This baby has a sweet tooth already!!

Anyway, I'm on cloud nine and am so happy that the Lord has blessed us with this little cutie! Sometimes we get worried about our financial situation and how we'll be able to afford everything, but God will provide. He has gotten us through so many things and will definitely be there for us and for this baby. Amen! :) :) :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump!

I'm 15 weeks today! Time is flying all of a sudden! I had another doctor visit today with a NEW Obstetrician (Thank God!). I decided to change because my previous one was way to busy. She never returned my calls when I was concerned about anything. I always felt rushed in her office so I could never ask any questions. And sometimes I would have to wait almost 3 hours just to see her! My goodness! It was like a herd of pregnant women all cuddled up together in a waiting room desperately waiting for their name to be called. Not my scene!

So I was referred to this new OB by a friend and let me tell you, he's wonderful! I explained to him why I left my old OB and he told me how he was different in every way. I was able to sit in his office for a half hour and ask as many questions as my little heart desired! And I came prepared LOL He thought I was joking but I literally had 8 questions written in my cell phone to ask. And after leaving I even came up with a few more that I'll ask the next time around hehehe. Hey, I'm about to be a first time mom! I'm clueless!

Anyway, the whole experience was grand. The office had free parking, which was not the case with the previous office. Also, the waiting room only had like 2 other women in it and it was so comfy in there! Nice TVs, carpeting, the works!

The best part was, I was able to hear my little one's heartbeat (Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump!) I wasn't able to hear it in the prior weeks since it was so early. But now as soon as he put the Doppler on my round belly, I heard it loud and clear! Yes, I had ultrasounds before this, but there's something special about hearing your baby's little heart beating so quick and strong. Amazing! The doctor even helped me distinguish what noises my little bean made when it was moving around (swoosh! swoosh!) It was like he/she was doing karate in there!

I can't wait until I really start feeling some movement in my tummy. Then it'll really feel "REAL". For now, I sometimes feel flutters after drinking ginger ale or eating something sweet. I think it's the baby but who knows - could be gas for all I know. I'm not quite sure what it is since this is my first baby and all. But from what read, it won't be too long til I feel definite kicks! It's supposed to be easy to feel around 18-22 weeks. Can't wait!

p.s. Since I'm nearing the 4 month mark, we're finally going to start telling more friends and family. In fact, I just posted my blog up on facebook LOL Let's see how long it takes some of my FB friends to catch on to our big surprise by reading this blog! Fun Fun Fun!

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's really a baby!! - 12 weeks

Today we FINALLY got to have our ultrasound.. the one that we missed due to the ultrasound tech going on vacation (HMPH!). Well it was AMAZING! The last ultrasound we had was at 7 weeks and all we saw was a little blob with a heartbeat. Though we were amazed that there was a heartbeat already, it still didn't feel quite real yet... until TODAY!

Today we were totally in awe! Our baby ACTUALLY looked like a baby! As soon as the ultrasound tech put the sonogram wand on my belly, the baby started to move immediately! It was so active! The tech even said herself that the baby was making her job so easy and that it was one of the best she's done in awhile! The baby turned, rolled around, and even looked like it waved at us lol My husband and I both got teary looking at the baby because it was so cute and playful. It was beautiful!

In a little while, the baby settled down a bit for the tech to take the necessary measurements, which all came up normal PRAISE GOD! Then my husband started making me laugh because he swore up and down that the baby already has his nose LOL Needless to say I was cracking up and this riled the baby up all over again! The baby started kicking and moving around, and finally rested with it's cute little hand on its cheek! What a miracle!

As much as we were annoyed and frustrated that we couldn't see the baby earlier this week, we totally forgot about all of that once we saw the precious gift that the Lord has blessed us with. It was DEFINITELY worth the wait! And of course we had to celebrate by going out to Friendly's afterwards, hehe! Hey it's for the baby! The baby was hungry! ... or at least that's what I tell myself everyday! I'm so glad that I'm finally entering my 2nd trimester and feeling so much better! My appetite is better, and my energy is increasing each day! Dare I say it - I'm actually starting to enjoy pregnancy! GASP!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patience, my dear! Patience!

Well yesterday I learned that patience is indeed a virtue. I had an 11 week ultrasound scheduled and my hubby and I woke up at the crack of dawn (ok well it felt like dawn but probably a little later) to get to the Doctor's office at 9 AM. We got there all bright eyed and bushy tailed to find out that our ultrasound tech was on vacation!! And the secretary swore up and down that they called our house and my cell phone to cancel. Hmm.. well needless to say there were no voicemails on my cell phone nor any on the answering machine.

We were so disappointed! I was especially disappointed since I haven't seen my little bean since week 7, and I'm such a worry wart! I had a serious countdown going since week 7 to be prepared for this ultrasound and it never happened. So we rescheduled for Friday and this time I'm going to be calling everyone and their mother to make sure that the tech will be there as scheduled! hmph!

Other than that, I've been doing pretty well. The morning sickness ebbs and flows. I had a great week 9, then week 10 the sickness began again, then along came some fierce heartburn, ugh! Now at week 11, the morning sickness seems to have subsided again, and the heartburn is less, but now I'm constantly in the bathroom for potty breaks! All throughout the night, 10 times a day, what the! Ah the wonderful world of pregnancy LOL But of course it's all worth it for the sake of a growing baby.

I'll have to blog again on Friday with the results! Can't wait!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Cravings, cravings, and more cravings

Yay! I'm finally reaching the fun part of being pregnant - CRAVINGS. They just started last week (week 9) and though they aren't as outlandish as the TV shows that show pregnant women asking for ice cream with pickles on top, they're definitely out of the blue for me.

I've already harassed my husband into getting me a big mac meal. It was good going down, but oh the horror of heartburn after! ugh! On another occasion I just HAD to have a whopper Jr. that turned out to be GROSS and the heartburn soon followed. I went thru a day of desperately needing homemade guacamole. Then for two days I just HAD to have homemade spinach dip. And the crazy thing about the cravings is that if you ask me in a couple of days if I wanna try it again, it'll turn my stomach just thinking about it LOL Last night I was desperate to make a 7 layer Mexican bean dip. So I convinced my hubby to come with me to the market to get all of the ingredients. I also craved those fruit flavored Ices that are in the long plastic skinny bag (I haven't had those since I was 12!) I ate the bean dip and blechh!! all it did was give me some wicked gas! (My poor husband is not too happy with that pregnancy symptom by the way) And now, as I'm typing, I'm finally enjoying a blue raspberry flavored ice. How refreshing! :)

I'll tell you one thing though, my husband is loving these cravings just as much as I am. As you may have imagined, he is right beside me snacking on all sorts of things too. I keep telling him that he's going to gain 30 lbs of pregnancy weight with me! The only thing is, he's not going to be able to deliver half of that weight come February LOL I guess that's a lesson he'll just have to learn the hard way!

And the beat goes on...

So here we are, a month later already! I am 10 weeks pregnant today. Time goes by so quickly! This month has really been a trip though. Here is the rundown:

Week 6:
Remember the spotting I had after the last ultrasound? Well my spotting got a lot worse and I was convinced that I had lost the baby. Needless to say, I was a total wreck. I ended up right back at the ER just to find out that the baby was fine and they could not tell where the bleeding was coming from. The baby's heart had even start beating already! How amazing! So I continued to deal with the unexplained spotting, but then the SEVERE morning sickness kicked in. I mean SEVERE... can't eat, can't drink, throwing up, etc. I had NO IDEA pregnancy was going to be like this! I lost 6 lbs this month! And for a curvaceous woman like me, you'd think I'd be excited LOL but that isn't the way you wanna lose a couple of pounds, Gee Wiz! I was able to get thru week 6 with tons of prayer, Gatorade, and chicken soup. Thank God!

Week 7:
The morning sickness was finally letting up but I still was nauseous most of the day. By the way, it really should be called "All Day Sickness" cuz that feeling hits you at the most inopportune times! The spotting finally stopped and I had another ultrasound by this amazing Christian ultrasound tech who located the bleed. I have a subchorionic hematoma. (I know, I know, a subchor wha wha?) Apparently sometimes during implantation, a little blood gets trapped under the uterine wall and creates a little blood clot. Mine was only 1 cm and the tech reassured me that it was no where near the baby and would go away on it's own. Again, praise God! By the way, we got to see our little bean again and it's heart beat was about 132bpm! So cute!

Week 8-9:
Still nauseous but again, it's getting better. I'm peeing like a racehorse which can get annoying, but still pretty funny hehe. I was also getting cramps that felt like Aunt Flo was coming which made me nervous but my DR said that was normal since my uterus is stretching. Somewhere around 9 weeks, my morning sickness/nausea stopped and I completely had a meltdown thinking that it was too early for it to stop. I always heard that it didn't stop until 12 weeks so again I was sure something was wrong. (I really need to stop being so negative - therapy much?!) But after much research and speaking to other pregnant women who also had the same concern, I found out that pregnancy symptoms can wane anywhere from 9 weeks - 12 weeks and sometimes they'll go away one week, then return another week, etc. So I decided not to flip out too much and just be calm and wait until I can see the baby again at another ultrasound. :)

So here we are, Week 10, and in one week we'll be able to see our little bundle o' joy again! And guess what! This time it'll actually look like a real baby! How cool is that! The other sonograms I got showed a little blob with a heartbeat. Very cute but still didn't feel completely real yet. I'm sure that it'll hit my husband and I big time when we actually see the shape of a head and little arms and legs! How amazing is this whole experience! This is definitely a blessing!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And so the stress begins - and hopefully ends...

So Monday I was having some back pains, and pains in my left side. Apparently I convinced myself that I was having an ectopic pregnancy. I'm seriously a worry wart like that. Anyway, I decided to go to the ER just to check everything out. Bad idea!

I got there and they drew some blood to check my HcG levels (pregnancy hormones) and then immediately hooked me up to an IV... even though I tried to refuse the IV on a number of occasions. Here I am on a cot, in a backless hospital gown attached to an IV drip. To make matters worse, my nurse disappeared for two hours! So by the time the IV drip was finished, I had to pee like a racehorse! Which I later learned was the point of the IV so they could do a sonogram.

Anyway, so my nurse never came back to check on me so I kept asking passers by to get my nurse. Embarrassing! I'm sitting there, pulling back that curtain thingy, asking anyone I can see to call my nurse. And they each would come back and say "She said she's coming". Well my friends, she never came. I thought I was about to go into hysteria my bladder was so full and I managed to flag down another nurse who quickly had me sent to the ultrasound department. I probably could have gone a lot sooner if my nurse took the time to return, gee wiz!

Good News: I get the sonogram done and I got to see my little bean! No heartbeat yet, but he was in the right place and all looked well so far.

Bad News: They had to to a transvaginal (ouch) ultrasound since I'm so early in my pregnancy and that was uncomfortable! Never mind the fact that now I am having some pink/tan spotting which I was told is caused by the ultrasound irritating the cervix. Why do I put myself through these things?!?

Bad News that turned to Good News: So after the ultrasound, the ER doctor told me that all looked well except my HcG levels... which were a ridiculous 136,000! Last week at my doctor's office, they were around 2500. What the! So he told me that I had to see my own doctor in the next couple of days. Needless to say I was scared out of my wits. I told my husband and he started getting nervous. We looked up things on the Internet (which is always a bad idea) and saw that high HcG levels are related to down syndrome babies, or molar pregnancies (where the baby never forms and a growth of some sort forms instead b/c of chromosome issues) So that evening I couldn't eat or sleep, seriously worried about that stupid number. I didn't understand how everything could look good on the ultrasound but my numbers could be so off. I decided (after much coaxing from my husband and my message board friends) to call the hospital and ask that they pull my chart again to verify. Guess what? My HcG was NOT 136,000 but 13,600! And that is totally normal! Apparently the Dr. seemed to have seen an extra zero some how.

You know, I should have known something was wrong with the ER Dr. because he had this eye twitch. And I'm not trying to discriminate against eye twitchers but it was so bad that he had to literally put my chart up to his nose to read the results. So no wonder he read it wrong! He probably was seeing double or something! Gosh!

At this point I won't be going out of my way to check anything out because it just stresses me out more! And now I have this annoying spotting thing going on that I didn't have before the ultrasound. It's been two days and it's still there. I'm hoping everything is okay but I was warned by my personal Dr. and the ultrasound technician that this would happen and it was nothing to be alarmed about.

So all's well that end's well! I even got to take home a little ultrasound pic of my little bean! My husband was so excited!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Doctor Visit - What a Rush!

Today was my first prenatal doctor visit and I was sooo excited... and nervous! I woke up with some morning sickness which was not cool. But on top of that I had butterflies in my stomach like I was going on a first date or something! That did not go well with the morning sickness... ugh.

Needless to say, I got to the office at like 10:15am, and waited an hour before they even called me in. You'd think they'd have some sort of express line for pregnant women who need to pee like a race horse! On top of that, I had to hold my tinkle because they wanted me to pee in a cup. Gee wiz! So after an hour, I finally was allowed to pee and I nearly bum-rushed the nurse to get the mini cup to relieve myself. On a side note, what's up with those mini cups anyway? Apparently I'm supposed to squat (since I don't EVER sit on public toilets) balance myself with one hand, and hold the mini cup in the other all the while praying that I don't miss the target... What the!

So they did the urine test and immediately it came up positive. I got tons of congratulations from the nurses which was pretty cool, then I had to answer tons of questions about me and my husband's medical history. After we got through all the boring stuff, I was able to go in to see the doctor and get a vaginal exam (ouch!) She said that I'm actually farther along than I thought. I'm 5 weeks and 6 days! She scheduled me for my first ultrasound in three weeks. They also took blood to check my pregnancy hormone levels, but the doctor said that she won't be calling me if everything is normal. Well thanks a lot Doc! Now every time a telemarketer calls the house I'm going to start crying and beating my chest!

Anyway, after my visit I called my husband and told him everything. He's so excited! He kept saying "Now it's real! Now it's real!" hehe I'm just glad that so far everything seems to be going well.

But wait! Then there was drama with my insurance company. So I got a prescription for prenatal vitamins which should be the simplest prescription on the earth to get filled, but of course my insurance company doesn't cover them. !?!! I looked like a dork at the local CVS trying to figure out why my prenatal vitamins for 30 days were $65! So I called my insurance company, called my doctor, and all but called President Barack Obama to get this handled! After about an hour, my insurance company gave me a special top secret private authorization number that my doctor could call to get my prenatal vitamins approved. Gimmie a break! Anyway, at the end of the day, all is well and I can pick up my prenatal vitamins tomorrow for $10. Amen! ;)

So thus begins my adventure in the land of pregnancy, pharmaceuticals, and health care. I'm sure I'll have tons of crazy wacky and amazing stories to share, and I'm looking forward to every minute of it! xoxoxoxo!

Baby Dust!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My BFP! and other acronyms...

Wow, life as we know it is about to change for the rest of our lives. Why? Because I got my BFP! What is that you ask? Well anyone trying to conceive (or TTC) knows all about these acronyms that are used to make blogging and posting on baby message boards easier. These acronyms go on and on and though they may seem weird at first, most of us women end up making it our second language! After a couple of weeks of being on some of those message boards, I was actually speaking to my dear husband (or DH) with this lingo. So much for pig latin.

So what's my story? Well my DH and I have been TTC for about 5 months now. We haven't really been obsessed about it, it was more that we weren't trying to avoid it (or TTA). This month I thought was like any other month and didn't expect to see anything different when I took a Home Pregnancy Test (or HPT) last week. I did notice that I was extremely moody... or should I say my DH noticed that I was moody (hehe) so I decided to take an HPT just to be sure. Monday, June 15th, I went to the story and purchased a box of HPTs which incidentally only has 3 in a pack but cost like a trillion dollars. What gives?! TTC can get more expensive than a drug habit now-a-days... and I guess that snot nosed teenager at the cash register becomes your pusher?!

Anyway, I bought a box and even though Aunt Flo (or AF) wasn't due for another 6 days, I decided to take my chances and test anyway... yes I do have some sort of addiction to Peeing on a Stick or (POAS). As a matter of fact, some of my TTC friends on the message boards all decided that it would be really fun to have a POAS party! That's when we all take an HPT at the same time and run to the computer with our undies practically still around our ankles to give each other the update on what we saw - one line or two. So we were scheduled for a POAS party on Monday. Guess what? I got a Big Fat Negative (or BFN). Just one little lonely line on the HPT and I nearly tossed it out of the window, I was so annoyed. So I went to the message board to give my news. We all were in the same boat but I knew that I was still too early to get an accurate reading. We ended our chats with scheduling another POAS party for Wednesday.

So the next day, Tuesday, I went through my day okay. I was having some cramps that felt like AF was coming so that was a bit discouraging. Though later on I read that Pregnancy (PG) cramps feel very similar to AF cramps, just lighter. In any event, I decided to test anyway around 5pm in the middle of cooking dinner. I really didn't expect to see anything but I just had to get it out of my system. That's the trouble with having HPTs in the house because all you wanna do is pee on them! So I went into the bathroom, took the HPT, and walked away for 3 minutes. I wasn't really ready for what i saw when I came back. TWO LINES! I got my Big Fat Positive (or BFP)! I was in total shock!

Meanwhile over the past couple days I was mulling over in my head how I would tell my DH that we were pregnant, trying to find some cute and creative way to do it. Well life doesn't always happen exactly how you plan it LOL I was in such shock when I saw the two lines, and as I'm pacing the floor trying to look at the HPT in different light in case I was hallucinating, in walks DH from work! He sees me pacing and asks me what I'm doing and I all but threw the HPT into his face! "Is there a second line!? Is there a second line!?!" I shouted. He looked at it and I could tell he saw the second line but since it was not very dark, he played down the whole thing. I guess it was to not get our hopes up if it was a fluke.

I must say I wasn't very happy with his reaction but I understood how he felt. If this was a trick of our NYC apartment lighting, why get all excited and jump around only to find out later that we were wrong. So we decided that I would test tomorrow with my first morning urine (or FMU) since the test says that it contains the strongest pregnancy hormone at that time. Well the next morning I woke up at like 6am, a ball of nerves, and took another HPT. Bingo! Two dark lines! I woke my DH up and shoved the test practically under his nose. "See?! See!!" He smiled and hugged me and the rest, they say, is history I guess. I ended up telling my message board friends a day later and though most of them got BFNs, one girl got a BFP just like I did and we are actually due the same day! So I have a baby buddy! ... (no acronym for that sorry)

So here I am, 4 weeks and 4 days PG and I'm happy, nervous, and scared all in one. I've been getting some slight PG symptoms but so far so good and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm praying big time that everything in the tests show up normal. I'm crossing my fingers and my toes... and I'm trying to send a message for baby to do the same... oh wait he doesn't have fingers or toes yet oops!

Time to sign off! I'll write more after my appointment. And baby dust to you all! ... ya you're probably looking at the screen like "baby wha?!" Baby dust is just something said on the message boards as a goodbye, but also wishing the other person I guess to get sprinkled by the baby dust fairy to get PG soon? It's quite funny thinking of a fat baby running around sprinkling stuff on women's heads (or bellies) but it's a cute phrase and women TTC love it! So baby dust, baby dust, baby dust! :) :) :) xoxoxo