Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patience, my dear! Patience!

Well yesterday I learned that patience is indeed a virtue. I had an 11 week ultrasound scheduled and my hubby and I woke up at the crack of dawn (ok well it felt like dawn but probably a little later) to get to the Doctor's office at 9 AM. We got there all bright eyed and bushy tailed to find out that our ultrasound tech was on vacation!! And the secretary swore up and down that they called our house and my cell phone to cancel. Hmm.. well needless to say there were no voicemails on my cell phone nor any on the answering machine.

We were so disappointed! I was especially disappointed since I haven't seen my little bean since week 7, and I'm such a worry wart! I had a serious countdown going since week 7 to be prepared for this ultrasound and it never happened. So we rescheduled for Friday and this time I'm going to be calling everyone and their mother to make sure that the tech will be there as scheduled! hmph!

Other than that, I've been doing pretty well. The morning sickness ebbs and flows. I had a great week 9, then week 10 the sickness began again, then along came some fierce heartburn, ugh! Now at week 11, the morning sickness seems to have subsided again, and the heartburn is less, but now I'm constantly in the bathroom for potty breaks! All throughout the night, 10 times a day, what the! Ah the wonderful world of pregnancy LOL But of course it's all worth it for the sake of a growing baby.

I'll have to blog again on Friday with the results! Can't wait!

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