Friday, August 14, 2009

It's really a baby!! - 12 weeks

Today we FINALLY got to have our ultrasound.. the one that we missed due to the ultrasound tech going on vacation (HMPH!). Well it was AMAZING! The last ultrasound we had was at 7 weeks and all we saw was a little blob with a heartbeat. Though we were amazed that there was a heartbeat already, it still didn't feel quite real yet... until TODAY!

Today we were totally in awe! Our baby ACTUALLY looked like a baby! As soon as the ultrasound tech put the sonogram wand on my belly, the baby started to move immediately! It was so active! The tech even said herself that the baby was making her job so easy and that it was one of the best she's done in awhile! The baby turned, rolled around, and even looked like it waved at us lol My husband and I both got teary looking at the baby because it was so cute and playful. It was beautiful!

In a little while, the baby settled down a bit for the tech to take the necessary measurements, which all came up normal PRAISE GOD! Then my husband started making me laugh because he swore up and down that the baby already has his nose LOL Needless to say I was cracking up and this riled the baby up all over again! The baby started kicking and moving around, and finally rested with it's cute little hand on its cheek! What a miracle!

As much as we were annoyed and frustrated that we couldn't see the baby earlier this week, we totally forgot about all of that once we saw the precious gift that the Lord has blessed us with. It was DEFINITELY worth the wait! And of course we had to celebrate by going out to Friendly's afterwards, hehe! Hey it's for the baby! The baby was hungry! ... or at least that's what I tell myself everyday! I'm so glad that I'm finally entering my 2nd trimester and feeling so much better! My appetite is better, and my energy is increasing each day! Dare I say it - I'm actually starting to enjoy pregnancy! GASP!! :) :) :)


  1. I'm so happy you got to see your little one AND that you're feeling better. :) Congrats, girl!