Friday, July 31, 2009

And the beat goes on...

So here we are, a month later already! I am 10 weeks pregnant today. Time goes by so quickly! This month has really been a trip though. Here is the rundown:

Week 6:
Remember the spotting I had after the last ultrasound? Well my spotting got a lot worse and I was convinced that I had lost the baby. Needless to say, I was a total wreck. I ended up right back at the ER just to find out that the baby was fine and they could not tell where the bleeding was coming from. The baby's heart had even start beating already! How amazing! So I continued to deal with the unexplained spotting, but then the SEVERE morning sickness kicked in. I mean SEVERE... can't eat, can't drink, throwing up, etc. I had NO IDEA pregnancy was going to be like this! I lost 6 lbs this month! And for a curvaceous woman like me, you'd think I'd be excited LOL but that isn't the way you wanna lose a couple of pounds, Gee Wiz! I was able to get thru week 6 with tons of prayer, Gatorade, and chicken soup. Thank God!

Week 7:
The morning sickness was finally letting up but I still was nauseous most of the day. By the way, it really should be called "All Day Sickness" cuz that feeling hits you at the most inopportune times! The spotting finally stopped and I had another ultrasound by this amazing Christian ultrasound tech who located the bleed. I have a subchorionic hematoma. (I know, I know, a subchor wha wha?) Apparently sometimes during implantation, a little blood gets trapped under the uterine wall and creates a little blood clot. Mine was only 1 cm and the tech reassured me that it was no where near the baby and would go away on it's own. Again, praise God! By the way, we got to see our little bean again and it's heart beat was about 132bpm! So cute!

Week 8-9:
Still nauseous but again, it's getting better. I'm peeing like a racehorse which can get annoying, but still pretty funny hehe. I was also getting cramps that felt like Aunt Flo was coming which made me nervous but my DR said that was normal since my uterus is stretching. Somewhere around 9 weeks, my morning sickness/nausea stopped and I completely had a meltdown thinking that it was too early for it to stop. I always heard that it didn't stop until 12 weeks so again I was sure something was wrong. (I really need to stop being so negative - therapy much?!) But after much research and speaking to other pregnant women who also had the same concern, I found out that pregnancy symptoms can wane anywhere from 9 weeks - 12 weeks and sometimes they'll go away one week, then return another week, etc. So I decided not to flip out too much and just be calm and wait until I can see the baby again at another ultrasound. :)

So here we are, Week 10, and in one week we'll be able to see our little bundle o' joy again! And guess what! This time it'll actually look like a real baby! How cool is that! The other sonograms I got showed a little blob with a heartbeat. Very cute but still didn't feel completely real yet. I'm sure that it'll hit my husband and I big time when we actually see the shape of a head and little arms and legs! How amazing is this whole experience! This is definitely a blessing!

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