Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Do You Get a Man Anyway??

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary! Yup, I've been tied to the ol' ball and chain for 4 whole years and together for 7 in total. Wait, isn't the wife supposed to be the ball and chain? Oh well. Anyway the thing is, every year that passes, it gets that much harder to find a gift for big monster.

This year I got him two pairs of shorts, two DVDs, and a card. Over the years I've gotten him cologne, candy, shirts, watches, shoes, video games, gift cards, etc. What the heck am I gonna do for the next 50 years?! Not to mention that with the added holiday of Father's Day, there's even less to spread around.

Women are so easy to shop for. We want the flowers, the chocolate, the occasional lingerie - you know, the timeless gifts that keep on giving. But for men? Forget it. I get more nervous watching him open his gift than actually opening mine!

We keep saying that we want to start not giving gifts and just go away on a romantic vacay as a mutual gift. Unfortunately, every year money is an issue so we have to deal with the gift giving fiasco all over again.

So what do you gals think? What gifts have you given your men that have been major winners? Please share cuz this wifey is running outta ideas!

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