Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Baaaacckkk!!!! (again)

Hey out there in blogger land!! It's been forever since my last post. And rightly so! Right after my son's 1st birthday, work started to get hectic (and still is), married life started to get hectic (and still is), and mommy life... well you all know the deal so I don't have to say it.

Despite all of the chaos, I've still been feeling like I need an outlet - to get my feelings out and share my journey - so here I go blogging again. The difference is, now I'm typing out my post on the train ride into the city and actually posting it later when I get a (rare) free moment - and wifi.

So what's new? Well little monster is almost 16 months old and practically RUNNING around the apartment. He still looks like a drunken sailor while doing it but who cares, that's what makes it extra cute right? He doesn't talk much yet but understands a lot. He follows commands (sit down, come here, pick that up, etc) He also can point out tons of stuff on his body. He loves that game! He loves it so much that the other day when he was crying, I asked him to point out his nose to distract him, and he pointed while continuing to cry lol Picture a sobbing baby pointing to his nose over and over. That was priceless. He also can say mama, dada, hi, and cat (which sometimes sounds like car but we know what he means).

On to the next thing. Work. Work has been kicking my patoot. Working evenings doing family therapy in homes in the Bronx = stressed out chick who is a therapy session away from an ulcer. The pay is pretty good though so I feel like I'm stuck. Until I get my mental health counseling license that is (but that's a year and a half away)

Then there's the marriage - which has gone into a not-so-lovely mundane roommate type of situation. I feel like we're that typical "old married couple" which makes no sense since we've only been married for 4 years! Alas, little monster definitely had a big part in that, along with stress from work, finances, over-tiredness, etc etc.

And how do you turn that around? Ya ya ya, date nights and all that. Listen, we go out to eat by ourselves once a week but for some odd reason, even the conversation during those times circle around little monster. Or Real Estate, which is my husband's passion. Or my hatred for my job. Fun.

We keep saying that things will change but we don't ever take action steps to do it, which annoys the crap outta me. I mean all I do each day is listen to people's problems and help them put plans together to change their situation, yet I feel powerless to change my own. Isn't it ironic. Don't ya think? It's kinda like that heart surgeon who smokes like a chimney. Weird.

In any event, I guess I'll just keep trying, and praying, and hoping. Oops, gotta go or else I'll miss my stop. Loovvve NYC transit!! (insert sarcastic tone) ;)

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