Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wow, a bloggy award! Thanks!

So my Blogger/BabyCenter friend, Tricia, gave me a blog award! I feel so honored! Hehe! So now, I have to share seven things about myself and then I pass this award onto nine other bloggers. Er.. I don't have nine other bloggers to share it with I don't think but I'll figure something out. :)

1. I secretly (well not so secret anymore) want to train to run a 5k race. I've always admired marathon runners. The dedication and endurance is amazing! But the furthest I've ran is down the block to catch up to Mr. Softee. Ya I have my work cut out for me.

2. I just learned about Kettle Corn THIS YEAR. How could this gift from God stay hidden from me for so long?! Oh the blissful mix between salty and sweet! And this buttery delight is only 1 weight watchers point per cup! ::faints:: I'm actually typing with one hand right now because the other hand is stuck in a bowl of Kettle Corn - and I'm trying not to butter up the computer keys. (It's not working very well)

3. During my pregnancy, I developed stinky sweaty feet. Ridiculous! It was the wacky hormones, ugh! But the worse part is, the issue hasn't quite left the building yet hehe. It's already been almost 6 months post partum! Gee wiz! I'm always telling the hubby "Break out the foot soak!"

4. Sometimes I dream of Big Macs. This is another thing left over from the pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I had some serious cravings for beef. Beef was the hilight of my day. I ate a Big Mac 3x/week or so towards the end of my third trimester. And every so often I have dreams of little Big Macs dancing on my tongue. Yum yum! In real life I wouldn't dare eat it because it's 13 weight watcher points! Maybe I should somehow plan for it though because my mouth is watering just typing about it! ::wipes laptop down::

5. Okay only one more pregnancy reference. For some reason I have COMPLETELY forgotton the extent of pain that I was in for 30+ hours during labor. Many people say that God wipes the pain away from our memories so we'll do it again. And I'm really starting to believe that's true! A month after delivery, I told hubby that I wouldn't even think of having another kid for at least 5 years because of the pain, healing, etc. Well guess what? Last week I was bargaining with him about TTC (Trying to Conceive) in the next 2 yrs or so. I'd try again in a couple of months if we were financially stable! Crazy huh!

6. I love spas. I love facials, back massages, body wraps, saunas, foot rubs, manicures, pedicures, THE WORKS! I've actually contemplated opening up a spa of my own. After thinking about how much time, effort, and money that will entail, I decided that I'd rather save up $5,000 and create a Spa Room one day when we buy a house. Then I'd hire a massage therapist who would just come twice a week and work on me privately. I can't wait!

7. My hubby and I are thinking of creating our very own podcast about marriage, parenthood, and life in general. I think we both just LOVE to hear ourselves talk that this would be the perfect hobby for us to satisfy that craving. I'll keep everyone updated when we finally get things off the ground. :)

Okay so here are the blogs that I feel deserve this award. Check 'em out when you can!



  1. You're welcome, stinky feet. ;)

  2. Hahahaha! That's right! I like to wiggle them at DH to tease him. I wiggle them at the baby but he enjoys it at this point. tee hee! ;)

  3. Wow, I loved getting to know a bit more about you! And the Big Macs dancing on your tongue...Ha, Ha...you so deserve to eat one if you seriously dream about it!! Also, I need to get on WW with you. :) And, lastly, I think we'll be TTCing pretty soon as well. :)

    Thanks for the blog award!!

  4. Thanks sooooo much for the award!!! Kettle Corn is the bomb!!!! I LOOOOOOVE IT! and the Big macs??? I love McDonald's french fries. I still eat them. I guess I'll have to give them up when I completely finish breastfeeding. :(