Friday, August 20, 2010

Ahh, the Joys of Baby Food!

My little munchkin is almost 6 months old already! Whoa, where did the time go! He is so fun to be around now. He has a great personality and will get people's attention in the elevator, at the park, anywhere you can think of! Ya, he can be a pain in the patoot sometimes, but then he'll give this adorable gummy grin and I melt all over again!

And what's even more fun - He began solid baby food! He's been having rice cereal mixed with formula for about 6 weeks now, but last week we tried some apple sauce and BOY DID HE LOVE IT. We made sure to get the Mott's natural organic no sugar added brand, and started him off with a tablespoon. Well this little foodie began crying when the applesauce was done so we had to give him more hehe. (Just like his mama!)

The doc said that we can introduce one new baby food each week. So next week I decided to make my own Pear baby food. We got a baby food processer as a baby shower gift so I figure why not try to put it to good use. This is the recipe I found:

Homemade Pear Mash

1 ripe pear
Rice Cereal (optional)

1. Peel and de-seed a fully ripened pear
2. Cut into chunks
3. Steam pear chunks on the stove or use ziploc microwave steamer bags for 3-5 min.
4. Puree pear chunks
5. Add rice cereal (if desired) to thicken up.
6. Serve at room temperature
7. Freeze leftovers in ice-tray (if making a big batch)

I can't wait to try it! I will definitely be using the ziploc baggies to steam the pears because I do not trust myself trying to figure out whether they are steamed enough or burnt. I hear that its pretty easy to make your own baby food because as long as you can steam them properly and puree them down to mush, you can feed your baby any of the stage 1 foods. So this is the order of how I plan on introducing foods:

Week 1 - Applesauce (complete!)
Week 2 - Pears
Week 3 - Avocado
Week 4 - Bananas
Week 5 - Carrots
Week 6 - Sweet Potatoes

I'll blog about our progress, and will put up some baby food eating pics! That should be interesting LOL

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  1. Good for you for doing your own food! :) We haven't started N on anything yet but I do have a box of oatmeal in the house, waiting for her first meal. I think we're going to start this week! My other BabyCenter friend and I are going to get together and make our own stuff, too. I'll definitely post pics. ;)