Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Sears Photo Shoot (proofs)

Our lovebug is 4 days shy of turning 6 months, so we thought that it was the perfect time to have our first family photo shoot! We had a great time. The baby was in a wonderful mood and was all smiles. (I was such a proud mama!) :)

I was surprised that he was so easily directed! All the photographer had to do was call his name and do a little baby talk and he was all gums!

The whole photo shoot was about an hour, and good thing too because he was completely spent after that. He whined for about 15 minutes until he fell asleep in my arms while we were picking out our favorite shots. There were a couple of pictures that I didn't like because of my own shortcomings, but once I saw how cute my son and hubby looked in all of them, I ignored the nonsense and just thanked God for such an amazing gift. What a great day!