Monday, July 5, 2010

It feels like Groundhog's Day.

BABproject - Week 3 - Remember that movie Groundhog's day? Remember how the main character kept waking up and doing the same things over and over again? OMG. That's me. I had major intentions to workout last week but guess who came to town for the first time since before I got preggers? AUNT FLOW. I hadn't seen the wench for over a year and I did not miss her one bit. But alas, she showed up less than two weeks after I stopped nursing. Bah.

In any event, when Aunt Flow is around, especially this being the first time she came in a long time, I did not have any motivation to move when I felt so bloated. so crampy. so icky. So exercise was a big fat zero last week.

But I did pretty well with my eating. As a matter of fact, around Friday I weighed myself and was actually down 2 lbs! But hold your applause everyone. Yesterday, July 4th, I made probably 2 bad food choices and this morning I weighed the same as last week. Talk about discouraging! I did a full week of eating great and one day where I decided to have two buttermilk biscuits and a regular coke, it all came creeping back.

I'm thinking that I may need to start a low carb type of eating plan because when I eat any bad carb, even in the littlest increment, it sticks to me. But in the past when I stuck to eating good carbs like veggies, along with poultry, fish, and a little fruit, weight came off quicker... The only problem was, yet again, if decided to have a treat like a small piece of cake, there goes the scale dial again. Gee wiz!

In any event, I'm glad Aunt Flow has left town so I feel more energetic and will try AGAIN. New goals though:

Goal #1 - Stick to a low carb type of diet plan for one week.

Goal #2 - Take a multivitamin and green tea capsule each day for one week. (I need the energy!)

Yup, that's right, if I finally reach my goals this week, I'll get a pedicure. My feet need it bad! This is why I put a reward for such a small amount of time (in case anyone was wondering) because it's so hard for me to reach even that! LOL Ahh well! Here's to another week of trying! At least I'm still motivated to try! Thanks BABproject!! :)


  1. Keep trying, don't give up, YOU CAN DO THIS! Most of my month of June was frustrating like your past week or so have been. I would count my calories, get some exercise here and there, be really mindful of what I was eating, see some tiiiiny losses on the scale, have one night where I made a choice to eat a little more than I should, and watch that scale blow right up in my face. I was so frustrated, but I kept going and kept tracking my calories and being mindful and trying to make small changes here and there... and it's finally paying off. It took a good month but I hit my first five-pound weight loss goal last week and I'm feeling good about the direction my body is going, finally. Persevere and you WILL achieve weight loss :)

  2. Congrats on realizing your body may need particular types of foods such as low carb. I think thats great!

    Also, I'm glad AF is long gone for at least another 28 days or so for can get some major workouts in. :)

    Keep it up and take some pics of that pedi you're gonna get. :)

  3. Oh, AF. I hate her. I don't ever feel like doing anythin when she's in town, either. And the first one postpartum IS pretty brutal.

    Keep it up, you're doing great!

  4. I can't work out when AF is around either. i just feel so tired, and drained!

    Carbs are my worst enemy too. Im such a sucker for bread that they're hard for me to avoid. Good luck this week!