Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Fun and Back on Track! (week 2-BABproject)

Today is my 28th birthday! I did a ton of celebrating this weekend... which included some unhealthy food choices. I also was doing some emotional eating earlier in the week so my first week in the BABproject wasn't so successful. But the good news is, I'm back on track and have resolved to be in a MUCH healthier state this time next year. It kinda feels good to start things off on my birthday. It's like turning over a new leaf!

Yesterday I stayed within my calorie limit and I also did 30 minutes on my Cardio Twister. I plan on doing the same today. I'm hoping to do some form of exercise for 30 minutes, 5x/wk. But since I didn't reach my goal last week, it remains the same:

GOAL #1 -If i can stick to my calorie limit for a whole week, I get a pedicure! Woo hoo!

Conclusion: No change in stats this week, BUT I am a lot more optimistic that by next week I'll reach my goal AND lose a pound or two. :)


  1. Happy Birthday!!! And you can reach your goal! You can do it!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! Congrats on setting goals, you'll see it happen!