Monday, January 9, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge - 9 Loves

So it's Day 2 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge, and today is about 9 loves. So here goes:

1) I love spas. Yesssss. I love being pampered - massages, facials, pedicures, the works. I actually am working on having my very own "spa day" at my house where I make a bunch of homemade spa treatments and pamper myself. Calgon take me away...

2) I love hugs and kisses from my little boy. He's at an age (22 months) where he voluntarily will hug and kiss me when he desires. Nevermind the fact that sometimes he chooses to kiss me after doing something naughty. And then smiles sweetly. Cunning lil chap.

3) I love sleep. I've always been this way. I can sleep 10 straight hours without giving it a second thought. So you can imagine the shell shock that I experienced when I realized that most babies don't sleep through the night.. oh and some toddlers still have trouble with it (Mikey raise ur hand).

4) I love my husband's foot rubs, and scalp massages. Why, you ask? See Love #1.

5) I love cruises. I've been to a few, and they are amazing. I love the all inclusive eating and activities. I love the excursions, and the ability to see a few different countries at once. Love love love!

6) I love my iphone. I honestly don't see myself with any other phone for the rest of my life. I plan on just buying upgraded versions right into my 80's.. touching the screen and playing apps with my gnarled, veiny, fingers.

7) I love eating out at restaurants. Maybe a little too much, considering I'm always on a diet. Oops. But it's not just about the yummy food, it's the ambiance. It's the company. It's the conversation. It's wonderful!

8) I love snuggling with my cats. One of them, Sophie, is a big mush. She used to terrorize me as a kitten and I HATED her. But now that she's 4, she loves to hop into our bed , crawl under the covers and lean her round furry body up against me. Cozy!

9) I love reading. I read fiction, non-fiction, self-help, you name it. And thanks to my hubby, I have my very own Kindle Fire! (Which should have it's own Love # cuz it's completely awesome.) I think I've read 15 books this year. Probably more. I put up a list of some of the best ones on the side of my blog, so check it out! ----> ok, you'll have to scroll up a little, then ----> :)

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