Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fit Mama Club - Week 7


I did a lot better this week with my eating! I started reading about the Paleo Diet again. (I discussed this diet HERE.) I still don't have a new scale yet, so I have no idea whether I gained or lost. I definitely will get one this Friday! Here's my update:

After my update, I'll share this week's Fit Mama Club challenge. If you wanna join up, leave a comment or tweet me @joonluv630.

Last Week's Weight Loss: No clue because I have no scale
Total Weight Loss: Not sure yet
Last Week's High: I got back on track with my eating!
Last Week's Low: I found it hard to say "no" when people offered me treats out of kindness. Such as my hubby making me waffles in bed, or my mom having an impromptu BBQ.. (I'm so glad summer's over by the way. And the overload of BBQs is one of the many reasons.) I also did log my eating into my Fitness Pal app. Tsk tsk tsk!
Plan For This Week: I will continue working on my low carb Paleo Diet eating plan. Which leads to this week's Fit Mama Challenge!

Fit Mama Challenge: Only eat healthy carbs such as fruits and vegetables. Stay away from the bad carbs like white bread, pasta, rice, etc. You can have 3 "open meals" this week, which means you can have some of those carbs.. just don't binge! So c'mon Fit Mamas! Are you up for the challenge?

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