Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Post Pregnancy Weight Loss is Tough!


I'd just like to say that, yes, I was told that my body would change after pregnancy, but I had no idea what I was in for. Before Baby (B.B.) I was round-ish, but comfortable with my body. I would wear tank tops that would show off my arms, and my stomach was fairly flat - just with a little padding. I think I was about a size 10-12, and at 5 foot 7, I felt good about it. Now, After Baby (A.B.) I'm pushing size 14 and dare I say size 16 in one God-awful pair of Kohl's jeans that I'd like to cut up and burn in effigy. What the heck! I know that I'm about 10 lbs heavier than what I was B.B. but the way it sits on my body, I might as well be 30 lbs heavier. My boobs are bigger, and a bit saggish. I feel like I should be singing, "Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie 'em in a knot, can you tie 'em in a bow..." My little monster would love mama singing that tune. I can see him clapping now, with his little chiclet grin. And let's not talk about my belly. I swear I still look 4 months pregnant. I look like a half deflated basketball. Gee, I know what I can be this Halloween. Pass me some orange paint and a black marker. In any event, I can't give up on getting my old body back. Or at least a healthier and toned version of the body I have now. I am very proud of what my body has done to birth and nourish my son. I just don't want my body to look like it's been through war either. So I press on. I will continue my journey through A.B. weight loss. I can't imagine having a 2nd baby at this starting point. They may just have to roll me into parent teacher's conferences in a wheel barrel!

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  1. It is tough. I feel your pain after I had my son I was small then I had my daughter and I blew up. I was a size 22 now I am pushing a size 16 it's coming off but after 2 years I thought I would be at a better weight. Good luck

  2. You are so not alone. Sometimes, just know that can help. I wrote a post about how much our body changes after pregnancy and childbirth that might make you feel better!

  3. I'm giving you a Liebster award! Check it out:


  4. OH MY GOD!! It is amazing how our bodies change after baby! I am technically only 5 pounds heavier than I was before Pookah, but the weight has redistributed itself in strange places! And the belly...let's not talk about it! You are NOT alone!!!