Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Night Ramblings

In an effort to beef up my blogging stats, I decided to commit to 3 days of the week in which I MUST blog.  Tonight is the first!  *grin*  So welcome, to my very first installment of ::::drum roll:::: "Sunday Night Ramblings". These are just a few thoughts that I've been ruminating on for the past hour or so. 

  • I'm so glad I started jogging.  I mean, I can't jog very far.. in fact I probably jog for about a minute straight, then have to walk for a bit, then jog again.  I'm also pretty sore most days, but I'm still happy I'm making an effort to get more fit. I downloaded an iphone app called 5K Runner that's helping me improve my running capabilities.  I'm really excited because I've struggled so long with weight issues, and the pounds are finally melting off.  Hmm, who woulda thunk.. weight loss is a lot easier when you add exercise to a healthy diet. *blink* Ya I know, not rocket science.  In any event, it's a great way to get into a shape, and release stress.  Love, love, love it.  And who knows, maybe a 5K run will be in my future.  ;)
  • I love Words w/ Friends, and Scramble w/ Friends.  You know, those word games that are played on smart phones and tablets.  I can play for hours, and I swear I'm getting smarter.  Some of the words I get points for, I've never even heard of.  But then out of curiosity I look it up and BINGO.. I strengthened a brain cell.  And by the way, I am not a supporter of those Words w/ Friends cheat... er.. I mean help sites.  Shame shame shame for those who use them.  It's like steroid use in baseball.  It ruins the integrity of the game!  *shakes finger at laptop screen* 

  • Marriage is hard...  Oh wait, were you expecting an elaboration?  Let's just leave it at that.

  • My son is at the precious age (2 1/2) where he now is communicating more than ever, and can share sentiments all on his own.  I love when out of the blue he says "Love  you, mama!" or "Miss you, mama!" It melts my heart each time.

  • I've always wanted to go on a missions trip.  I totally should have gone before getting married and having a baby.  I'm thinking that it's still a possibility once the little one gets a bit older.  I'd actually like to bring him along when he's a pre-teen in efforts to help him grow into a selfless human being - which happens to be extremely hard out on Long Island with everything you want at your finger tips. 

  • As much as I loathed riding subway trains when I was at my previous job, I do miss one thing: reading books.  I used to read two new books a month because of my long commute.  I learned so much in those two years.   

  • I hate student loans.  The whole reason I took out loans and went to school, was to improve my chances of getting a good job, becoming financially stable, and achieving the American dream of owning my own home.  Now, how ironic (or sadistic) is it that the very thing that I signed up for to help me attain my goals, is now hindering me from reaching them?! A pox on you Sally Mae!  Arghhh!! 
What are some of your Sunday Night Ramblings?    

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