Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"He Sees Me" - a Poem

Ok ya'll, don't be too hard on me.  It's the first poem I've written since 2010. Hopefully it's not too bad.  Enjoy!

He Sees Me

He sees me,
so clearly.
A perfect image
of what I am,
and what I am to be.
And it's scary
to know that
he speaks my truth so vividly.

He sees me,
even when others
think there's nothing to see.
He sees the me
that I love to be.
He inspires me.

He sees me.
Incites my creativity.
And like
an open book,
He reads me. 
Provoking the person
I'm ready to be.
He sees the real me. 
He sees me.

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