Monday, January 24, 2011

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Day 1


Okay. I started the 30 Day Shred. AGAIN. Usually I never seem to be able to get past day 3, I have no idea why.. Okay yes I do. It's called LAZINESS. NOT GOOD! In any event, if at first you don't succeed - well you know the rest. So last night was Day 1. Can I just say, ouch! I was so out of breath and tired and whiney and blecchhhh!! I finished the 20 minutes, but I really don't think I did it with as much effort as I should have. But my body was creekin and crackin! Arghh!

I'm glad I did it though. I didn't enjoy the actual exercise one bit, but I did enjoy the after-endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment I felt aftwards. So I'll keep plugging away. I PRAY that I learn to love exercising... or at least learn to tolerate it and make a habit out of it.

Oh, and I think I'm going to buy a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) because I'm tired of guessing how many calories a certain exercise is burning. From what I hear, a HRM would tell me exactly how many calories I'm burning at that exact moment. So if anyone has a HRM recommendation, please comment!


  1. It's about time that you posted on your blog! :) I am starting the 30 Day Shred tonight ... pray for me, haha! I, too, need a way to track the calories I burn since I'm tracking food/exercise on SparkPeople.

    How ya doing, girl?

  2. I'm doing great! Ya I fell off of the blogging train for a bit while I tried to get used to working full time and family life. Things are a bit better now and I'm starting to feel like i can breathe! (althought Mikey still wakes up 2-3 times per night!) How are you? :)