Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are there any REAL Work From Home positions out there?!

My little pumpkin is 10 weeks old and things are finally starting to normalize. Praise God! We have a pretty good schedule going. He wakes up at 5am, he gets fed, then goes back to bed for another 2 hrs (which makes mommy happy). Then we start our day with a ton of mini naps, play time, and mommy trying to clean, cook, and do research for my internship. By 10pm, he has his last feeding, and is put to bed. Don't wanna jinx myself but he's been sleeping through the night, woo hoo! Every once in awhile he gets up at 2am, but for the past 2 weeks, he's mostly been sleeping from 10pm-5am.

Though the past two months have been wonderful because of the munchkin, it's been extra stressful as well. My hubby lost his job 6 weeks ago and we've been barely surviving ever since. He's gone on 4 or 5 interviews and hasen't gotten any of them. It's really starting to bum us out. And the thing is, I would definitely be out working myself if it wasn't for the fact that I have to finish up my internship hours by August to officially get my degree. So I'm kinda stuck.

This is what led me to try to do research on reputable "work from home" jobs. I know I know, everyone says that it's impossible to find a real work from home job. But I've been doing research and this is what I found out from ppl who are doing it themselves:

1) - It's a forum where ppl come online and talk about what jobs they've tried, what worked, and what were scams.

2) - hires salespeople and licensed agents for both health and life insurance.

3) - recruits agents with specialized language skills.

4) - offers a list of 200 companies that offer "direct seller" jobs, kinda like Avon or Pampered Chef.

The one I'm currently pursuing is It's a service where you can text "chacha" which is 242242 and ask any question you can think of and they send you an answer in 3 minutes or less. Apparently the ppl who are answering you are ppl sittin at home in their undies searching the net for you LOL So I took two tests and I'm waiting for an answer on whether I can be one of the "underwear answering ppl" :) You have to be really good with internet searching and fast typing skills. And you get $.20 per question. They say if you do a question every 3 minutes, you make about $6/hr. If I could do that for 3 hrs a day, 6 days a week, that would be a nice little chunk of change to pay a bill or two. We shall see!!

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