Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Bradley Method Class

This past Sunday we attended our first Bradley Method Birth Class. It was great! It was more of an introduction to what we'll be learning over the next six weeks, but it was very encouraging to be around other couples who are just as passionate about having a natural unmedicated birth.

We just went over how the plan of action is to labor as much as possible at home so that by the time we go to the hospital, I'll already be at least 6 cm dilated and ready for the finish line. When in labor, it's best to be moving in order to reduce pain, but also to help progress the labor process. That means walking, leaning on a birth ball, squatting, etc. I'll be able to do all of that at home comfortably. Many hospitals just strap you into bed as soon as you get there, which stalls dilation and effacement. Then when it takes forever for the birth process to happen, they start the C-section talk!! Ugh!

But anyway, our instructor is a hoot! She's so funny and interesting. She has three children, all birthed naturally, and all were born within like 3-4 hours! Nuts! That is unheard of! Most of the time you're looking at 12-18 hours or more... especially as a first time mom. It was crazy, the instructor pulled out a baby doll and a model pelvis and showed all of us how our little ones will be making their way out. Ouch! We'll also be watching videos of actual births, an episiotemy, and other informative things that we need to see.

All in all, it was a great first class and we're looking forward to learning a lot. It also made my hubby feel more at ease because the instructor said that by the end of the course, the husbands will be well informed and feel comfortable advocating for us at the hospital. So that made my hubby feel wonderful since he has been worried that he wouldn't know what to agree to or decline for me if I'm not able to make the decisions due to excessive pain. It also helps that we'll have our doula there to be a support.

I'm super excited! I'll update again next week after the next class! Also, just FYI, about.com gives a free online childbirth class. It's just basic information. It discusses:

•How to tell if you are in labor.
•What to pack for labor.
•Relaxation and breathing for labor.
•Common medications for labor including the epidural.
•Labor interventions like fetal monitoring.
•Cesarean Birth
•Breastfeeding and more!

Click: Online Childbirth Class

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