Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby's 1st Thanksgiving

The pictures explain it all! The little one loved Thanksgiving with all of the food, family, and fun. That was his grandma holding him by the Turkey. I made him homemade mashed potatoes so he could participate in eating what we were eating, and he gobbled it all up! It's amazing just to think that last Thanksgiving, he was in my belly kicking me in the ribs and this year he was in his high chair, his little feet kicking at the dinner table.

Thanksgiving means so much more now. We're so thankful for our God, our marriage, our amazing son, and our friends & family. Having a baby really forces you to look at everything through your little one's eyes and it's wonderful to experience everything like it's brand new. What a joy! How was your Thanksgiving?

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  1. Mikey is SO ADORABLE! Our "real" Thanksgiving feast and festivities are tomorrow. Have a great weekend! I need an update!