Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's a BOY!!

We found out today that our little gift from God is a healthy little boy! We didn't have any really good "money shots" of the male parts lol So I don't have any pics to show for that, but we did get a good one of the baby's little right hand, and part of his face! We're so excited! I was secretly hoping for a little boy too hehe. Whenever anyone asked, I would always give the politically correct answer "As long as it's healthy, that's all I want." And that is definitely true, but in the back of my head I always thought it would be cool to have a little mama's boy to tote around! My husband is excited also. He had a feeling it was a boy and has been on sports websites to find the perfect baby bibs and onesies with the Dallas Cowboys football team logo on them LOL He even plans on putting a Dallas Cowboys mobile above the crib! What the! We'll have to get two different mobiles, and switch off every so often to be fair.. Sheesh!

And in other news, I've been feeling the baby move and kick! I think at this stage it's called "quickening", but it feels like a spasm that happens in the lower abdomen. It's like if you had an eye twitch, but at random times in the lower belly. It's so cute though! It usually happens after I eat or drink something sweet hehe. This baby has a sweet tooth already!!

Anyway, I'm on cloud nine and am so happy that the Lord has blessed us with this little cutie! Sometimes we get worried about our financial situation and how we'll be able to afford everything, but God will provide. He has gotten us through so many things and will definitely be there for us and for this baby. Amen! :) :) :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ba-dump Ba-dump Ba-dump!

I'm 15 weeks today! Time is flying all of a sudden! I had another doctor visit today with a NEW Obstetrician (Thank God!). I decided to change because my previous one was way to busy. She never returned my calls when I was concerned about anything. I always felt rushed in her office so I could never ask any questions. And sometimes I would have to wait almost 3 hours just to see her! My goodness! It was like a herd of pregnant women all cuddled up together in a waiting room desperately waiting for their name to be called. Not my scene!

So I was referred to this new OB by a friend and let me tell you, he's wonderful! I explained to him why I left my old OB and he told me how he was different in every way. I was able to sit in his office for a half hour and ask as many questions as my little heart desired! And I came prepared LOL He thought I was joking but I literally had 8 questions written in my cell phone to ask. And after leaving I even came up with a few more that I'll ask the next time around hehehe. Hey, I'm about to be a first time mom! I'm clueless!

Anyway, the whole experience was grand. The office had free parking, which was not the case with the previous office. Also, the waiting room only had like 2 other women in it and it was so comfy in there! Nice TVs, carpeting, the works!

The best part was, I was able to hear my little one's heartbeat (Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump!) I wasn't able to hear it in the prior weeks since it was so early. But now as soon as he put the Doppler on my round belly, I heard it loud and clear! Yes, I had ultrasounds before this, but there's something special about hearing your baby's little heart beating so quick and strong. Amazing! The doctor even helped me distinguish what noises my little bean made when it was moving around (swoosh! swoosh!) It was like he/she was doing karate in there!

I can't wait until I really start feeling some movement in my tummy. Then it'll really feel "REAL". For now, I sometimes feel flutters after drinking ginger ale or eating something sweet. I think it's the baby but who knows - could be gas for all I know. I'm not quite sure what it is since this is my first baby and all. But from what read, it won't be too long til I feel definite kicks! It's supposed to be easy to feel around 18-22 weeks. Can't wait!

p.s. Since I'm nearing the 4 month mark, we're finally going to start telling more friends and family. In fact, I just posted my blog up on facebook LOL Let's see how long it takes some of my FB friends to catch on to our big surprise by reading this blog! Fun Fun Fun!